Nieuwpoortkade 2a–117
1055RX, Amsterdam

Laura Pappa is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem. Together with Elisabeth Klement she runs Asterisk Summer School (, an annual summer programme based in Tallinn centred around the various forms and practices related to graphic design. Her recent self-initiated projects include publication series ‘Exercises in Practical Mischievery’ (Speculative Press) and workshop model Articulation Convention. She often collaborates with other designers, among them Karlis Krecers, Elisabeth Klement and Lotte Schröder.


  • Andrew James Paterson. Kunstverein Toronto. Artist’s book. (Upcoming)
  • Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts. Valiz/Stroom Den Haag. Book. (Upcoming)
  • The Baltic Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Exhibition identity.
  • K.g. Guttmann, It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it…, Artist’s book.
  • Kunstverein Toronto. Website and identity, 2014–ongoing.


  • Rotterdamse Innovatiemarkt. Het Nieuwe Instituut. Exhibition identity.
  • Maryse Larivière, Where Wild Flowers Grow. Kunstverein Toronto. Book.
  • Architect Roman Koolmar. Museum of Estonian Architecture. Exhibition identity and catalog.
  • Publishing Class. Dutch Art Institute and Casco. Website and identity.
  • Symposium Coming Across. Website and identity.
  • Marianna Maruyama and Frank Koolen, All We Can Do Is What We’re Actually Doing Already. PAKT. Publication.
  • E nagu Eesti. Eesti keele õpik algajatele. Kiri-Mari Publishing. Study book. 2012–2015.


  • Carlos Amorales, Never Say in Private What You Won’t Say in Public. Onestar Press. Artist’s book.
  • Inventing Futures. ArtEZ Press. Book.
  • Raphaël Julliard, The Big Picture. Villa du Parc, Sémiose éditions, JAWS. Artist’s book.
  • SOCIALDESIGNFORWICKEDPROBLEMS. Het Nieuwe Instituut, Stichting Doen. Book.
  • Publishing Class Kiosk. Dutch Art Institute and Casco. Poster.
  • Kara Hamilton, project Old Gold. Website, 2014–, in progress.


  • Marianna Maruyama, Three Movements. Artist’s book.
  • Anka Gujabidze, Rustavi – What the Hell Brought You Here? Artist’s book.
  • Soviet postcards. Museum of Estonian Architecture. Set of postcards.
  • Lost & Found 7.12.12. Identity.
  • Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Identity.

    Photos: Rebecca Bowing, Rudy Guedj, Bardhi Haliti, Kara Hamilton, Karlis Krecers, Petra van Ree, Ingel Vaikla, Rémy-Alban Valton
    Website: Ranno Ait